Doctors for Cannabis Regulation Website

I’ve been working with an all-star group of physicians and policymakers in an effort to legalize and regulate cannabis responsibly. Besides the website, I also created DFCR’s print collateral, letterhead, and business cards, and collaborated with founder David L. Nathan MD on the logo.


Amy Andersson, Conductor Website

Zelda conductor Amy Andersson needed a website up and running quickly before she and the Zelda Symphony were to perform on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. To get the site up and running right away, I set up a Phase 1 version of the site in WordPress. Later, we expanded the content of the site and updated the design. Integrating Twitter and Instagram feeds into this WordPress site allowed Amy to make easy updates from the road, to better connect with Zelda fans.

Amy Andersson, Conductor, Website

Cherry Grove Farm Website

Cherry Grove Farm wanted a website that would give potential visitors a feel for the farm itself, the artisanal cheeses it produces, and the many educational programs offered to the public. I chose design elements that reflect the essence of the farm and its products: fresh green grass; the brown paper in which they package their cheese; the chalkboard signs they use at farm markets; and of course, the farm animals. The staff maintains an active blog, making this WordPress based site informational and dynamic.

Wordpress Website and Blog



Laura Baird / Studio B is the workspace of designer Laura Baird. Laura specializes in web and print projects for small to mid-size businesses, cultural organizations, and individuals.


  • Print design & production (book design & typesetting, brochures, catalogs, programs, workbooks, business cards, sell sheets, etc.)
  • Responsive web design & development
  • WordPress setup, customization, and maintenance
  • Identity design (logos, letterhead, style guides, etc.)


Flyers for The Record Collector

Looking back, I certainly did a lot of flyers (over 200!) for the Record Collector. It was a fun project (and I got to see some great live music and meet a lot of nice people.)

Lord Whimsy’s Website

I have the good fortune to be friends and sometime work partners with Lord Whimsy, a.k.a. Allen Crawford of Plankton Art Co.

When it was time for him to redo his website, he asked for my help in making it happen. I developed it in WordPress using a customized template and was able to integrate his old LiveJournal blog and new website content into one cohesive user experience.